Shortening the state volleyball and outdoor track and field state meets, 3A soccer, and combination school agreements were some of the topics of discussion at the Spring 2018 meeting of the Wyoming High School Activities Association.

Cross Country: In order to be consistent with volleyball, basketball and outdoor track and field, starting in Fall 2018, the top 16 schools based on 2-year enrollment will be 4A, the next 15 in 3A and the rest in 2A. Motion defeated.

3A Soccer: Starting in spring 2019, there will be 11 teams in 3A. The proposal is to do away with the quadrants and just have East (Buffalo, Douglas, Newcastle, Rawlins, Torrington) and West conferences (Cody, Powell, Worland, Pinedale, Riverton and Lander). Teams must play each other twice during the regular season. There will be no regional tournaments or play-in games. The top 4 in the East and West at the end of the regular season, advance to the state tournament. If Lyman join the varsity ranks in 2021, then Riverton will shift to the East. Motion passes on second reading, making it official.

Combination School agreement: The larger of the 2 schools must be the host, starting in Fall 2018, except for football, which will start in Fall 2020. This will force Upton-Sundance football to Class 2A. Motion passes on second reading making it official.

3A, 2A, 1A and 6-Man Football Practice Start Date: Practice would start 2 days after 4A does. The reasons were currently some players miss practice due to the state fair, even though Douglas offers individual practice to compensate. Also under the current format, players can't miss 1 practice, if they want to participate in the week 0 scrimmage or jamboree. Motion defeated. The main reason was because what if other fall sports want to follow suit? Why was this a football only issue?

State Volleyball Tournament: Starting in Fall 2020, the state tournament will be a 2-day event instead of 3. The first-round will be played in the morning/early afternoon of Day 1, while the semi-finals would be played on the evening of Day 1. Also the format of the tournament would change. Teams that lose in the first round, would not be able to play their way back to 3rd place, which is what they have been able to do in past years. Instead there would be a consolation championship round, similar to what is done at state basketball and state soccer. First-round losers would have to play and win twice on the second day, to win the consolation championship. The 3rd place match would be the 2 teams, that lose in the semi-finals.The reason is to save on travel expenses and minimize time out of class for students. Motion passes on first reading. Must undergo another reading at the next meeting in late September, to become official.

State Outdoor Track and Field Meet: Starting Spring 2021, the state meet will be a 2-day event instead of 3. The reason is to save on travel expenses and minimize time out of class for students. The problem is, if weather messes things up and the schedule has to go into late Saturday and/or early Sunday, it could interfere with graduation for some schools. Motion passes on first reading, 9-7. Must undergo another reading at the next meeting in late September, to become official.

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