Well, this place is amazing. It has all the bells and whistles you could want, and it's a mansion. The way it's set in the first pic makes it look like it's set in the Hollywood Hills. Or, at least with the outstanding architecture, it looks like it should be in Hollywood.

This bad boy comes in at just under 2 million bucks, it'll only set you back $1,900,000. I'm sure someone has that in a coffee jar, right? All kidding aside, this place is beautiful, gorgeous, and awe-amazing. Just seeing it setting in town with the mountains as the backdrops makes it look like it came right out of a movie, which ties in with my Hollywood Hills comment earlier.

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According to the listing, this Laramie mansion has 8 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms. Get this on the size of the place, it's over 17,000 square feet! I'm not going to do the math on this, but I could fit my house in this house, several times. I'm sure my dogs would like the extra space.

I always love to look at real estate pages like this when they pop up. It's fun to see the inside of places that you may pass every day going to work or just in life. I've always wondered what the inside of this mansion looked like and now I know. It's just as nice as advertised. But, don't take my word for it, go ahead, follow me on a virtual tour of the home. I won't even make you wipe your feet.

WHOA! Check Out This Gorgeous Laramie Mansion!

A beautiful mansion in Laramie with the mountains as a backdrop? Yes, please.

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