Wyoming spring. Snow still on the ground but only in the shadows.  Wolves feast on a bison that was not strong enough to make it through the winter season. A bear, who seems to have no care for the bison carcass, wonders past the wolves. The wolves watch the big black beast, then, when they are sure that he is not after their meal, they continue eating.

This is a video of one of the first bears to wake in the early part of a Wyoming spring.

The lady who shot the video back in 2017 writes on her YouTube page:

Yesterday morning a long drive with a friend the day before was proved well worth it when we got lucky enough to spot what I believe was the first bear to wake up this season! In northern Yellowstone. When I spotted him it was still well before sunrise, hence the very grainy shots. He did not hang out on this bison carcass for long after we saw him, only a few minutes, and only a few of us very lucky folks got to see him, but the coyotes sure were excited when he took off! He'd pulled the bison out of the hole in the ice you can see on the right. I'm not sure how long ago it had fallen in there, gotten stuck, and died, but nothing else was nearly strong enough to drag a full bison out of the water like that. Later in the day, waiting till dark, we did not see him return. And though we returned this morning well before daylight, he'd (according to a watcher who spent the majority of the night waiting) already been back, flipped the bison over, ate his fill, and was long gone again. But the bears are waking up! Another sign of spring. If you are headed out in the mountains, be aware!

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