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I overheard a conversation between my two children recently and got confused. That's not really an odd occurrence. I pride myself on keeping up with popular culture, but the world of YouTube, Tick Tocks, and videogames are soooooooo deep that there is no real hope for me to catch up. Plus, I don't see how they like most of the stuff they like. That's fine, it's not for me. And I can force them to listen to my '90s music in the car.

Anyways, one child said, "Oh yea, she's a VSCO Girl," and I had to jump in to get clarification. Mostly because I thought they said Disco Girl and was excited that we could break out my Hit's of the '70s CDs. But, no. They were talking about VSCO Girls. They gave me a 'Poor old Man' look and explained that it's a style trend that has a lot to do with big shirts and water bottles. The name comes from a photo editing app, VSCO.

"Do you like to wear scrunchies? Can you not leave your house without your reusable water bottle and metal straws? Have you said, "And I oop" more times than you can count? Do you feel the need to take a pic of the sunset whenever it's extra stunning (aka every day)? Last but not least, have you been wanting to buy yourself a pair of Vans slip-ons? If you answered, yes to most of the previous questions, then you're a VSCO girl."

So, according to my (not) extensive research, if you want to walk the VSCO walk, you'll need a few things:


Lip Balm and a water bottle. Dry is the enemy of this trend.


Buy it Water Bottle, Buy it Lip Balm

Scrunchies. Who knew that not throwing out that box of your stuff from high school your parents made you take out of their basement would come in handy. I bet there are some scrunchies in there. Just like Full House, everything old is new again. Just don't say 'Oh Mylanta.' Never say it again, please.



You gotta roll with a Fujifilm Instax to capture pics of the squad (did I use those words correctly?)



For clothing, research suggests that slip-on Vans, oversized shirts, and cutoff shorts are the way to go.


Buy it Shirt, Buy it Shorts, Buy it Shoes


Backpack - Don't forget a place to keep your scrunchies and camera.



There you go, you can now be on your way to being a VSCO Girl.

Or if you want to be really hardcore, you could go for the jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes look that has served me well for three decades. Hmm, now that I say it out loud, maybe I need a style update.