The Weld County Sheriff's Office is trying to find the identity of a man who was prowling cars and homes in Keenesburg this past weekend while carrying either a rifle or a shotgun.

That's according to a post on the Weld County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. According to the post, deputies were called to a home east of Keensburg on Sunday morning after residents reported that someone had been inside at least two unlocked cars.

According to the post:

''The residents checked their security cameras and discovered not only were their cars trespassed, but the suspect had also walked onto their back porch and peered in their windows. The man was carrying a rifle or possibly a shotgun.
The man, described as white, tall and skinny, with scraggly, medium-length brown hair and a possible tattoo on the upper right arm, traveled to the home in a newer, single cab white Dodge pickup with a flat bed."
Here is the security video:

Anyone with information on the prowler is being asked to contact Deputy Fisher at 970-400-4101.

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