Here's a weird Wyoming fact for you. Cows are more dangerous than bears. It's truth and I can prove it with science.

I stumbled across a Digg story that listed where the deadliest 11 animals live. It declares that bears are the 7th most dangerous animal, but not as lethal as cows that come in at #4 on their list. I found that claim to be curious and decided to do some cow fact digging.

I confirmed that this killer cow fact is really true. There was a Washington Post story a few years ago that listed the most dangerous animals according to statistics. It showed (just like the video said) that bears kill an average of 1 person per year while cows offs 20 people annually.

It really does make sense when you think about it. I think most of us that aren't Yellowstone tourists know to not go near bears if we can help it. But, even I have hung around with cows and not really thought anything about it. If you've been on the wrong end of a cow kick, you know they can bring the hurt.

It's just another one of those weird Wyoming facts that don't sound true, but are.

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