We are now well over the 1.5-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Governor Mark Gordon has been at the helm of Wyoming State Government for the entire time.

The governor has mostly shied away from some of the most restrictive state mandates seen in other states including Colorado. He did impose some restrictions in 2020, including limits on indoor gatherings and at one point, a statewide mask mandate which continued into the first part of this year. Some local mandates were also imposed in various counties.

But the governor has also said that he will not re-impose a statewide mask mandate this year, and Wyoming never had the kind of restrictive shutdowns that were seen in many states, including California. The governor has also vowed to push back against federal COVID vaccine mandates ordered by the Biden administration.

So our question today is about the governor's overall handling of the pandemic. Has he imposed or allowed too many restrictions? Too few? Or has he handled it pretty well overall?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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