Wyoming and wind go hand in hand.

And it's officially the time of year where it's more common to have days with 30 plus mile per hour wind, than not.

Those of us that live in Central Wyoming are no strangers to road closures due to high winds, and most of us have roofs that can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Around here, we like to say that the wind weeds out the weak ones...

Chancey Williams is a Wyoming Country Music artist who spends his time off the road at his family ranch in Moorecroft, Wyoming.

While out on his horse Chancey encountered a bit of Wyoming wind and decided to create a video showing the world that it really isn't that big of a deal.

If you live in Wyoming currently (or have lived here in the past) you'll be able to actually FEEL this video...

@chanceyw Wyoming Wind!! What?? #wyoming #wyomingwind #countrymusic #windy #theworldneedsmorecowboys ♬ original sound - Chancey Williams

What Wyomingite can't relate to that video?

I could literally FEEL the damp chill of the wind, and it brought to mind the hundreds of phone conversations I've had to cut short because the wind made it impossible for the person on the other side of the call to hear me.

Another lesson I've learned about Wyoming wind, if you're wearing glue on eyelashes you better watch out.

This lesson was hilariously learned by a car salesman who posted his story on Facebook.

I love that he was trying to be polite and not mention that the lady's eyelash blew off...and she had to force herself to completely ignore that it was stuck to his forehead.

Do you have a funny video about the Wyoming wind?

Send it to us through the My Country Mobile App.

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