I'm convinced that animals are getting smarter, and people are getting dumber.

On the animals getting smarter side I present to you these videos of dogs that have figured out how to go sledding, without any help.

It some cases it started when a person put the dog on the sled and pushed it down the hill.

After a few runs the dog began to figure out how he could do this on his own without any help.

So in the winter time all you have to do is send your pooch outside with a sled and let him entertain himself.

That, of course, leaves the human inside, numbing his dulling mind on tv, eating junk, getting weaker and fatter.

We are really screwing ourselves here.

What's even more concerning is when the dog figures out how to turn corners.

I know people who can't even do that.

Once our little furry friend, in the video above, is at the bottom watch as he grabs the sled and brings it back up to the top and does it again.

Some of these dogs even know to reach a paw out and give a push to get started or when the sled is moving too slow.

Some of them even have a rope attached to the sled. They will grab that in their teeth and pull it back up to the top.

But hold on, what about a dog that doesn't have a sled?

No problem.

The dog in this next video is just find with throwing himself down the will, without a sled. He seems to be having a great time.

Did he figure out how to do this all by himself or did someone teach him?

I figure he probably fell while running down a hill, slid, and figured out that it was a lot of fun.

Now matter how, these dogs have figured out how to have a great time in the snow.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

If you enjoy these pictures, please consider following the links above to give back to these organizations that help feed and shelter Wyoming animals, especially on snowy days like this: 

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