It's not a secret that our wildfire crews have one of the most dangerous jobs imaginable. That was never more true than when this aerial wildfire crew nearly flew into a hill.

WARNING: video has some NSFW audio. I found this discussion on Reddit. It shows a RJ85 fire fighting crew making an approach to drop chemicals on a wildfire. According to details given on Reddit, the pilot admitted that he was so focused on the target location of his drop that he failed to allow for proper clearing of the nearby hill. Here's a description on what they said about this:

The pilot has admitted to being target fixated and made a bad lapse of judgment (often times only a millisecond in this business) and dip below the pre-briefed minimum crossing height of the ridge on the exit. I almost lost a great colleague on that drop; A husband, father, friend and firefighter. Respect is appreciated.

Aviation Central shared this on YouTube. As you can see in the video, after the materials drop the plane just BARELY clears the hill with a huge dirt kick up after the near miss. There's no exact location given, but it appears like this might have occurred in Arizona.

Ultimate respect for this crew and all the others that are battling all the western blazes. It's harrowing to imagine the pressure these teams go through on a daily basis.

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