There's a national contest to submit the best trail cam video. Wyoming's entry is a night video of a wolf pack out on the prowl.

Trail Cam Pro has the 2019 Winter Predator photo and video competition underway. The first week of April, they're choosing the best images and video that readers submit from trail cams. Wyoming's is a whopper.

According to the YouTube title, this video was submitted from Aaron Todd in Wyoming. It's a quick 30 second video that shows 3 wolves walking by the trail cam. These beautiful animals are in their element. A little snow at night is the perfect environment for a little Wyoming stroll.

About halfway through the video, you can see one of the wolves displeased with the pace of another as he/she leaps over the back of the other wolf.

No video I've seen captures the real Wyoming nightlife like this one.

Good luck to Aaron in the national trail cam contest. He certainly has shown part of what makes Wyoming so amazing.

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