The College National Finals Rodeo has been rolling along at the Ford Center in Casper and the University of Wyoming women's team has faired quite well. Brandy Schaak won the 2nd round of the breakaway roping with a run of 2 flat. She had a no-score in the 3rd round on Tuesday night. Schaack is from Hyannis, Nebraska, and was the Central Rocky Mountain Region champion in the event. She's also a cancer survivor so Schaack has displayed a tremendous amount of fortitude to get to this point.

Her teammate Faith Hoffman from Kiowa, Colorado is 3rd in the average of the breakaway roping and came into the CNFR as the #1 qualifier in the goat tying from the Central Rocky Mountain Region. So those two ladies put 125 points on the board for the Cowgirls and UW sits in 5th place in the team standings. There are always ups and downs in any given rodeo these two are smiling and competing at a high level.

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