University of Wyoming Athletic Director Tom Burman is pumped right now, and Wyoming fans are pumped right along with him. Bottom line, UW Sports are killing it. All of this is besides just watching Josh Allen’s post-college career begin as his Senior Bowl team's Most Outstanding Player.

There was also the incredible hoops upset over #23 Nevada.  Coach Allen and team may finish the season as just as strong.


There’s Cowgirl basketball, now projected in the Women’s NCAA tournament after a tough night, but winning outcome against the San Jose Spartans.

And even if you normally don’t watch wrestling, how Bryce Meredith took over #1 in his weight class was downright exciting.

How about that historic wrestling match for former Cheyenne Central star - now just a rock star - Bryce Meredith. He had one of the most exciting wrestling moments ever at the University of Wyoming.

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