A Facebook page that recently came under fire in Laramie appears to have been removed from Facebook.

The page called UW Crushes, which posted sometimes-anonymous personal ads among the University of Wyoming community, came under criticism this week after a profane post was made about a specific UW student that left the student feeling threatened.  The victim has further gone on to say that she felt the post was a rape-threat.

The site issued an apology for the incident yesterday, which was criticized by the victim on the page.  A person saying that they were the founder of the site, identified the site administrators only as "Engineering Students" and said that due to schedules during the tail-end of the semester and the sheer volume of posts-requests the site received, posts weren't always read before being posted.

"The UW Crushes site is not affiliated with the University," said university spokesman Chad Baldwin on Thursday, who added that action had been taken on the use of a trademarked University of Wyoming seal that was being used on the page.

Crushes sites for other universities and communities still exist on Facebook, including a page called "UW Crushes" that contains posts generated for the University of Washington community.  That page does, however, seem to be attracting discussion of the Wyoming incident.

A protest event set for the end of the month, scheduled on Facebook in the wake of the controversy, still remained active  as of Friday morning, even though the UW Crushes page for Wyoming had been removed.

A request for comment sent to Wyoming's UW Crushes Facebook page administrators, before the page's removal, was not returned.

The University of Wyoming Police Department is investigating the incident.