University of Wyoming Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Tom Burman made a special appearance on Sportsline Live on KOWB, April 15, to discuss all that's been going on with Wyoming athletics, the Mountain West Conference and college sports in general. What made this different from any other time that Mr. Burman's been on the show, is that he came in studio and was on for the entire 60 minutes.

The reasoning behind this change, rather than a short phone interview, was Tom Burman's desire to have more interaction and give more information. He said, "Let's make it a little more full service, and be a little more available to the public. Really the message I want to get out and send to our people is, hey, we appreciate your support."

Burman described the past year for UW sports as one that hasn't been what he and fans had hoped for. From the disappointing football season, with head coach Dave Christensen's outburst after the Air Force loss, to the Luke Martinez situation and more, Burman understands how Wyoming fans can be frustrated.

"We know this wasn't the year, when you look back to the fall and the winter, that we wanted or our fans wanted, and we're not ducking from that issue," said Burman. "I just want people to know, it bothers us and much as it bothers you."

He also touched on the importance of facilities at UW, which includes the renovations to the Arena-Auditorium, all that goes into the coaching evaluations he conducts and how key recruiting is in trying to make Cowboy and Cowgirl teams more competitive.

Another major topic centered around Wyoming's fit in the Mountain West and the future of college athletics thanks to conference realignment.

With more of Tom Burman's analysis and perspective, find out for yourself by listening to his entire take on UW Athletics and other key topics:

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