The U.S. Post Office's Christmas shipping deadlines for First Class and Priority packages is upon us for some military destinations, while deadlines for other international locales are coming closer each day.

Although the deadline for some military destinations has already passed at the beginning of the month, the deadline for all other military destinations, for customers using either First-Class Mail Service or Priority Mail service is today (Monday, December 10th).  Customers do have opportunities to get their packages to some military destinations, through Express Mail Military Service, but the deadline for that approaches as well, December 17th.

Deadlines for non-military international destinations is also fast approaching, with most of those deadlines, for people using Express Mail International Service, hitting within the week.  Some destinations, like Africa, are hitting as early as Tuesday.  The USPS is offering Global Express Guaranteed Service, which could extend the deadline as late as to December 20th, depending on the destination.

The earliest deadline for domestic shipping is for people using Parcel Post Service, that deadline is December 14th.  The latest is for Express Mail Service and occurs on December 22nd.

Click the link below for a full list of all USPS deadlines for more information all mailing services:


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