The University of Wyoming was recently ranked among the best schools for adjunct professors to be employed.

Personal finance website GoodCall ranked 292 schools across the country based on average monthly pay, pay relative to tenured and tenure-track faculty, cost of living for the area, student-teacher ratio, and student graduation rates.

The results may dictate where adjunct and non-tenure-track professors seek employment, as the report states they face widespread issues such as low wages, a lack of benefits and health insurance, little job stability and no assurance of office space or administrative assistance.

The University of Wyoming was ranked 62nd, a fair ranking out of nearly 300 schools. According to the report, which was released Mar. 14, the average monthly salary for adjunct professors at UW is $6,983, which is .54 of a tenured professor at UW.

The cost of living in Laramie is 103.8 percent of the national average, which may seem high. But the cost of living for the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, which is ranked 58th on the list, is 116.8 percent of the national average. A lower cost of living, the report says, means adjunct professors can afford to live closer to their employment and can avoid long commutes.

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