The University of Wyoming is scheduled to begin the construction of new residence halls later this semester, according to a recent release by the university. This will necessitate the closure of parking areas east of the Wyoming Union, McWhinnie Hall, and Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center.

UW is preparing to open the new 375-space Ivinson Parking Garage to compensate for the loss of a total of 450 parking spaces. Additionally, the university is in the process of opening three new parking areas along Bradley Street in the north part of campus totaling 227 spaces.

That means there will be a net increase of 152 parking spaces adjacent to UW’s central campus, mostly for paid permit holders.

“In preparing for the residence hall project, we knew there would be a need to create additional parking areas to make up for the loss of the lots along 15th Street,” Vice President for Campus Operations Bill Mai says. “We’re pleased that we will actually have more parking opportunities when all is said and done. We recognize this will be a change for people used to parking in lots along 15th Street, but the new residence halls -- which will be a tremendous improvement for the university -- make it impossible to maintain the status quo.”

The Ivinson Parking Garage also will be the home of the UW Police Department (UWPD), which will move from its current headquarters at the corner of Flint and 15th streets. Next week, UW’s administration will seek approval from the Board of Trustees for funding to demolish the current UWPD headquarters and create a parking area there. That would mean the addition of dozens more parking spaces beyond the 602 total being created through the Ivinson Parking Garage and the three new areas along Bradley Street.

Before the Ivinson Parking Garage project began in fall 2021, there were 148 spaces in a parking lot at that location. The 375 spaces in the new structure will mean an increase of 227 spaces at that location.

The Ivinson Parking Garage also will be an access point for buses reaching all areas of campus. Continuous loops will run and, for those who are unable or choose not to walk, it will be a short wait to catch a ride to any part of campus.

About 40 spaces of paid public parking will be available in the Ivinson Parking Garage, and the university is working to identify additional areas adjacent to the central campus where short-term paid parking would be available to the public.

The new residence halls and a dining facility are scheduled to be completed in spring 2025, accommodating a total of 900 students.

The UW Buses

Bus ridership is free for members of the UW community and the public on UWYO Roundup, the university’s transit system. Currently, bus routes end at 6:30 p.m.; plans are in place to extend this service to 10:30 p.m. starting in the spring semester. This is to accommodate evening transportation to the core campus after the East Union lot closes at the end of December.


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