Officials with the U.S. Marshals Service have a warning for people in Wyoming who get a phone call from a "deputy."

The Service says someone claiming to be Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Morgan is calling people telling them that there is a warrant out for their arrest for failing to appear for a federal grand jury.

The "deputy" then tells the victim they can "settle the warrant" by sending a disclosed amount of money using a MoneyPak or by staying on the line and going to a U.S. Marshals Office.

The Service says the scammer is currently using the number (307) 212-8154 and is advising people not to answer their phone if they get a call from that number.

The U.S. Marshals Service says it will not call and ask for payment to settle a warrant. If you believe you are being scammed, call the U.S. Marshals Service at (307) 772-2196.

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