Country musician Troy Bullock came through Laramie on his radio tour.

Bullock is from Gillette, Wyo. and said although most musicians do not think of starting a tour for their first big single in the state, he couldn’t think of anywhere better. He said his record is all about Wyoming and the way of life practiced in his home state.

Bullock released his single “Country-Go-Round” in May, and he says it’s something he is very proud of.  He says he is excited about its release and loves to hear what people think of his work.

Bullock used to work in the coal mines south of Gillette, and the single is all about his days working with coal. He says it depicts the hard work that goes into the field and shows what it is all about.

“I didn’t want to just come out with the same ol’, same ol’,” said Bullock. “I wanted to come out and say something and make a statement, and in making that statement I wanted it to be about the people I care about.”

He says despite coal energy being a somewhat controversial topic of conversation, he knew he had a message and he wanted to get it out.  He says he is a straight forward person when it comes to the topic, and while many people try to sugar coat the issues, he prefers to just say it how it is.

“There is no other way to say this for me, and I had absolutely no fear to say it the way that I said it either,” he says.

So just how did a coal miner from Gillette, Wyo. get discovered? He says it was truly a chance meeting in a dive bar in Gillette that started this journey for him. He was playing at the Fireside in Gillette, and his soon to be manager, Kacie Martin heard his deep voice. She approached him and scolded him for not being marketed.

We got the chance to hear his deep voice in person right here in our Laramie studio.

Watch the video and hear it for yourselves! To view the official music video, click here.

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