Every summer, people in Kansas drive for miles to visit the World's Largest Ball of Twine. A few minutes later, they get back in their car and wonder why they wasted the time and money to go. Here in Wyoming, we have a boring tourist trap of our own.

According to the travel site Far + Wide, the worst roadside attraction in the Cowboy State is the Intergalactic Spaceport. The only Intergalactic Spaceport in America, and possibly the entire galaxy, is located right five miles south of Green River. The 5,000 runway was built in 1963 and was originally known as the Green River 48U airstrip. In 1994, the Green River City Council officially renamed the gravel runway as a landing field designated for "inhabitants of Jupiter who might wish to take sanctuary in Green River in the event their planet is threatened by collisions from comets or meteor".

To date, the spaceport has yet to lure any extraterrestrial visitors (as far as we know). However, the runway has been used by several private planes, who commonly "touch and go" before landing at the nearby Rock Springs-Sweetwater County International Airport.

Another site on the list of America's most boring tourist traps is just across the Wyoming border in Nebraska. Located near the boundary of northern Colorado, western Nebraska, and southeastern Wyoming, Panorama Point boasts the highest elevation in the Cornhusker State...and not much else. The remote site in Kimball County was named the worst tourist trap in Nebraska.

Other notable landmarks on the list include South Dakota's Wall Drug, known for their giant Jackalope statue, and the Four Corners marker at the border of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

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