The old school bell is going to be ringing before you know it. It’s the rush to get all of the back to school shopping done. Here is a list of local businesses that are available for your shopping needs. Some have the lists you will need to fill for your child, some are just for shoes, some are for you if you will be attending one of the higher education venues.

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    Whatever it is you need for school supplies they have it from Glue Sticks to Pop-Tarts and they also have the supply lists right as you walk in the door. Plus if you are short on time you can also pick up those last minute items while you’re there.

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    K Mart

    have the general type supplies and then some, from handbags and snacks to cloths.

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    Has a full selection of grocery items and a special section for all kinds of school supplies

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    Also has a full selection of grocery items and a nice selection of the school supplies so you can take care of both of your shopping lists at once

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    They have a multitude of office supplies so when you can’t find those special type of pencils this is where you need to go.