A threat by a Laramie middle school student via social media Sunday has been deemed not credible by local law enforcement Monday morning.

Albany County School District Head of Operations and Maintenance Stuart Nelson contacted Laramie Live shortly before 9 a.m. to dismiss any rumors or speculation surrounding any sort of a shooter or weapon situation in the district.

It began with a social media post Sunday night, April 8. Parents called school officials over the post, and that's when authorities began their investigation.

Nelson said, “After receiving word of a threat, law enforcement was contacted and investigated. The threat was deemed not credible.”

Between 9:15 and 10 o’clock Monday morning, the school district released an email to and texted parents explaining the status of the situation. Both the email and text referred to the social media post and investigation. The emailed went on to say, “That there was not a threat to the community, District, school or individual.”

Nelson also stated, as did the email sent by the school district that law enforcement is at Laramie Middle School for additional support.

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