Craigslist can have some really cool stuff sometimes. It's even better when that cool stuff is FREE! Every now and then, there's a unique find. You may have possibly browsed this section before, but how often do you click on the section and find a free trailer home?!

It's exactly what it sounds like! It's a FREE trailer home on Craigslist. It's livable and is said to be a good unit to be used for storage! Sure, it might not be the newest, but neither are a lot of trailer homes. And based on the listing, whoever wants it and can move it can have it. Here's what the listing says:


FREE 70' Trailer Home in Hanna, WY...


I have a 70' trailer home in Hanna, WY on my property and would like to give it to anyone who would like it and can move it. Has not been lived in for 25 years but is still solid and a very good storage vessel. Has 3 axles under it and all the bolts and keepers to put wheels on it are there. I have 3 wheel rims but they would need tires. They are very common wheel rims for trailers. ..

See, free trailer home! Check out what this thing looks like!...

Free Trailer Home On Craigslist

So yes, it's a little older, but it still holds up well compared to some other trailer homes out there. And it's FREE! So if you can move it out of Hanna, WY and you're interested, here is the link to the Craigslist posting for the unique free fixer upper opportunity!

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