The hype surrounding today's solar eclipse has been slowly building around the state for the past 18 months, kicking into full force within the last month. Townsquare Media contributors have been tackling the eclipse from multiple angles, including how to deal with eclipse traffic, where to get glasses, and more. Here are some of the best posts in our eclipse coverage.

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    Chad Lore Parodies 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' [VIDEO]

    Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has been played and parodied countless times this summer, but the cute kids that helped make this video set this particular version above the rest. Check it out!

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    Wash Away Evil Spirits Before the Solar Eclipse By Bathing in Urine

    Urine has several rumored practical uses, the most common of them being the relief for jellyfish stings. However, some cultures believe that bathing in urine before and after a soar eclipse can ward off evil spirits and prevent demonic possession, among other things.

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    Betting Odds for Stupid Tourist Behavior in Wyoming

    Natural events tend to bring tourists to the state in droves, and with every batch that comes in, there's bound to be a couple of "tourons," the tourists that can't seem to abide by common sense rules. Stories of these types most often come out of Yellowstone, but the eclipse is sure to bring some in as well.

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    A Look Back at Wyoming's Last Total Solar Eclipse

    The last solar eclipse to pass through the state was nearly 100 years ago. The last time an eclipse passed through Wyoming, WWI was ending, and Wyoming only had 3 established towns in the path of totality. Take a look at the Wyoming State Archive's photos from the last eclipse!

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    5 Pickup Lines for the Eclipse

    Where there are tourists and natural phenomena, there will be hookups. Try using one of these pickup lines during the eclipse at your own risk. Happy eclipse viewing!

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