What questions did you need to be answered on Election Day 2020? If you turned to the monster search engine Google, most inquiries were election-related. But not all.

Apparently, we needed some relief from political fatigue and searched for temporary fixes. Check this out:

Google searches for “liquor stores near me” hit an all-time high as returns started coming in on Election Night. Google Trends reported that searches for “fries near me” also hit a new high. We can only assume you were either celebrating the outcome of the election results - or drowning sorrows. 

The search for 'Moving to Canada' was also trending.

Google analytics show South Dakotans were mainly focused on the election. The Rushmore state residents top searches were:

  • Mail-in/absentee ballot
  • Did my vote count?
  • Long wait times
  • Voting issues
  • Election results

These are all important search questions but the liquor and fries angle seems alright. Shut up liver. You're fine.

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