You may not know it by looking at Wyoming, but we sure have many wealthy people living here. Big names have made Wyoming their home away from home and, in some cases, their permanent residence. Of course, one of the biggest names is the yak-owning makeup influencer, Jeffree Starr.

Starr has an enormous net worth of around $200 million, according to Celebrity Networth, but Starr's fortune pales in comparison to Wyoming's wealthiest person.

So, who is Wyoming's richest resident (or part-time resident?) I thought, is it Harrison Ford who owns property in Jackson? Nope, not Harrison - he's only worth $300 million. How about Kanye West? No, Yeezy's net worth is around $6 billion. What about the Walton's, the Walmart owners? No, even the Walton's aren't the top contender for the wealthiest Wyoming homeowner. Christy Walton has a net worth of $9 billion, which still pales in comparison to Wyoming's wealthiest person.

According to Visual, John Mars is the richest person living in Wyoming, with a net worth of $33.4 billion. Celebrity Networth gives him a higher net worth of $42 billion. Either way, the guy is loaded. He'd have to be to afford his home in Jackson. So, how does Mr. Mars make his billions?

By making candy.

Visual Capitalist
Visual Capitalist

John Mars owns one-third of Mars Inc., which produces Snickers, Twix, and Milky Way candy bars. The company also owns large shares of Wrigley Gum. Evidently, John and his sister Jacqueline are tied for the 48th most rich people in the world. But, strangely enough, some of Mars' billions come from his company owning other brands, like Royal Canin and Temptations pet foods, VCA Animal Hospitals, and other pet-related brands. Not sure how those connect to delicious candy bars, but now you know!

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