A Tyler, Texas, man died after jumping from his vehicle traveling 80 mph on Interstate 90 east of Sheridan during a five mile chase on Friday, according to a news release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Marshall R. Acker, 43, died at the scene, according to the news release.

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers were notified of a suspected drunk driver near Sheridan, and located him speeding 97 mph in a 75 mph zone.

A trooper turned on his emergency lights and sirens to attempt to stop the vehicle.

Acker failed to stop and fled east on I-90 at speeds of 85 mph to 90 mph, and the trooper saw the driver reaching out of the sunroof with his hands.

Soon after that, Acker exited through the sunroof and jumped to the highway while the vehicle was traveling about 80 mph.

The vehicle then crashed into the median cable divider.

The trooper called for an ambulance and tried to perform CPR on Acker. Emergency Medical Services arrived a short time later and pronounced him dead.

The news release did not give other details about Acker, whether any passengers were in the vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle, or why he was in northern Wyoming.

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