Occasionally, when you google search Wyoming, the state we know and love isn't the only search result to come up. Another Wyoming creeps its way into our screens, one that many of us may not have known existed. Wyoming, Ohio is a small town of about 8,500 people in Hamilton County, Ohio, and shares very little with its name-alike state.

The town of Ohio came about in the early 1860s, and was named not for the Cowboy State that was at that time still a territory of the early United States, but instead for Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. It was officially incorporated in 1874, and as the surrounding cities grew and expanded, it became an adjacent suburb of nearby Cincinnati.

The town also features a special newsletter called "What's Up, Wyoming," a particularly celebrated bakery called the "Wyoming Pastry Shop," and plenty of community events to keep the locals busy and happy. If it seems like Wyoming is the place for you, you can even be welcomed there upon moving with a Newcomer's Club, and a Welcome to Town packet. Now, that's Wyoming Hospitality.

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