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Casper Retailer Sells $582,000 Cowboy Draw Ticket June 30th
Wyo Lotto announced this morning that the June 30th Cowboy Draw winning ticket was sold in Casper yesterday morning.
The winner has yet to come forward, but WyoLotto has confirmed the ticket, with a winning amount of $582,055, was sold the morning of June 30 at Max’s, located at 706 N…
Kaycee Resident Latest Big Winner With Wyoming Lottery
The latest big ticket winner for the Wyoming Lottery comes from Kaycee, Wyoming. Shirley Caro bought her winning ticket on Sunday, May 22nd at the Sinclair station in Kaycee, in advance of the Cowboy Draw drawing on the 23rd. Shirley plays the lottery twice a week and always plays Quick Pick tickets…
Have You Bought Your Wyoming Lotto Ticket Yet?
Yesterday was a huge day for Wyoming. Did you notice it? While you were running errands, did you have visions of small yellow jackalopes with backward antlers? Did you suddenly start saying, "I need to win a jackpotalope"?
Sunday, August 24 was the first day that good ol' Wyomi…

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