It's March 27th and you know what that means! Taco Bell rolled out their new breakfast menu today!This morning, some of your favorite Townsquare Media folks tried out a variety of new breakfast items from Taco Bell. Check out our video review and comments in the video above.

Reese Kutzler/Townsquare Media

We tried their new Waffle Taco, A.M. Crunchwrap, Cinnabon Delights, Steak Breakfast Burrito and A.M. Grilled Burrito.

Overall our group thought that their breakfast was good. The main comments about the Waffle Taco were that the waffle was a little tough to chew (if Taco Bell would have fried the waffle it may have made the waffle better--although not really any healthier). But overall the Waffle Taco wasn't bad.

It a unanimous upset, we ALL thought that the Cinnabon Delights were fantastic. There was some concern that they were a "little doughy," but it wasn't explained to us well from our breakfast buyer that it was a frosting filling--once we got it, we agreed the filling was fantastic.

Reese Kutzler/Townsquare Media

Will this new breakfast offering from Taco Bell make you want to visit them for breakfast? Will this affect McDonald's breakfast business, you think?