(Photo: banspy, pixlr.com)

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reports that six elk were recently poached in Sweetwater County.

The agency says the poaching occurred in two areas on Aspen Mountain, south of Rock Springs.

Two yearling bull elk were shot and left to rot in one area, while a bull and three cow elk were found about six miles away.

The head and hindquarters of the bull and the upper canine teeth from the cows had been removed.  Tracks found at the scene indicated that the violators used two ATVs.

The Associated Press reports that Game and Fish collected a small amount of evidence from the scenes and is asking the public for help to identify the perpetrators.

If you have information on this or any case of poaching, call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Stop Poaching Hotline: 1-877-WGFDTIP (1-877-943-3847) or 1-307-777-4330 for out-of-state “Stop Poaching” calls only.

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