A neighbor of mine, a rather tall guy, was reaching for the last roll of toilet paper on a grocery store shelf when he noticed the little old lady looking up at him. She would have already had that package in her cart but she was too short to reach it. He smiled at her and put it in her cart. He figured his wife would understand.

I was shown a note sent by a neighbor on the first floor, to the neighbors above, "text me what you need and I'll pick it up when I am out and leave it by your door."

Not matter if it is a big organization or a small gesture, good people in troubled times can restore out faith in humanity.

Special thanks to:

Family Caregiver Support Program, checking in on the sick and elderly who are stuck at home.

These are just a few organizations. The long list of church and civic groups is too long to list here.

But at this point I need to make sure to thank everyone out there for that little thing you did to help someone get  trough this.

It is every little gesture that restores our faith in humanity.

--- Glenn Woods

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