Travelers in Wyoming may soon be able to drive five miles per hour faster on some state highways.

According to Pat Persson, Wyoming Department of Transportation District One Engineer, Wyoming’s roadways with current speed limits of 65 miles per hour may soon see an increase to 70 miles per hour.

“This last legislative session, a direction was given for us to look at roadways in Wyoming that are sixty-five that we would increase to seventy miles per hour,” says Persson.

In response, WYDOT is hiring a consultant to conduct an analysis of Wyoming’s roads to determine which, if any, should see an increased speed limit.

Just last July travelers saw an increased speed limit on more than half of Wyoming’s Interstate Highway System from 75 mph to 80 mph.

This project, however, is a bit different from when the interstate’s speed limit was increased. Persson says there are some different considerations that need to be given before increasing the speed limit for the largely two-lane roads.

“When you increase the speed limit on the interstate like we did last year, there wasn’t too much effect,” says Persson. “But on the two lane roads, there may be some additional curve signs and you have to think about the length of the no passing zones with the higher speeds.”

Persson says the decision of which highways will see an increased speed limit will likely be reached in fall 2015.

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