Tip of the hat to the crew at Freedom's Edge Brewing Company for sharing this article from the website Stacker, as they did a deep dive into the highest-rated beers in each state. For Wyoming, they constructed a top 10 list, which is more of a who's who of Wyoming beer.

The list includes some heavy hitters from across the Cowboy State. The usual suspects that you would expect landed toward the top, which includes Melvin, Snake River, and Roadhouse coming in the top three, respectively.

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Here are the Southeast Wyoming breweries that made the top 10.

  • Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. came in at number 9 with their highest ranking beer being their High Noon Chili Pepper Ale.
  • Coal Creek Tap came in at number 8 with Wyoming Toad Rye IPA being their highest ranking beer.
  • Altitude Chophouse and Brewery was lucky number 7 with their Tumblewheat being their top-ranking beer.
  • Black Tooth Brewing Co. rolled in at number 5(we share them with Sheridan, but I still like to claim them down here) and their highest ranking beer was their Saddle Bronc.

Their placement had to do with the rankings of their beer, and all of the breweries had beers that ranked in the top 50 out of the entire state. That's a lot of beer to debate!

It's awesome to see some Southeast Wyoming breweries force their way into this list with the guys from up North that usually dominate everything. Hopefully, you were able to attend the Wyoming Brewers Festival this past weekend and try some of these awesome Wyoming brews.

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