Albany County residents should expect to hear sirens Friday morning as the Albany County Emergency Management Agency tests the Outdoor Warning Siren system.

The test is scheduled for 10 a.m. for all Albany County sirens in Laramie, Rock River, Centennial and Albany. The sirens will produce a steady signal for one to three minutes.

Residents need not be alarmed.

If sirens sound in an actual emergency, residents should take cover and tune to a local radio or television station for details of the emergency. Residents should not call 911 or local authorities -- that would tie up phone lines officials need to respond to emergency situations.

Albany County residents can sign up for the CodeRED alert system to rapidly receive information on any emergency affecting the area.

The sirens exist to warn residents of any life-threatening event in the area.

For more information about sirens and for answers to frequently asked questions, contact the Albany County Emergency Manager at 721-1815.

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