Several people have reported hearing a ''siren-like noise" in Laramie and Cheyenne in recent weeks.

Laramie resident Chance Kafka recently sent the following youtube video to Tracie Perkins with Townsquare Media station KOWB..

Kafka says the video was taken early Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Laramie County Emergency Management Director Rob Cleveland says his office has gotten numerous calls in recent weeks about a sound that is "like a siren, but not a siren". Cleveland says the emergency siren system hadn't been activated on any of those occasions, nor had any other local siren system that he is aware of

Cleveland speculates the noise may have been generated by trains on the nearby Union Pacific Rail line, adding the high amount of precipitation the area has received recently may be changing braking or whistle sounds or other noise generated by the trains. But he admits that's only a guess.

A second local mystery that has been noticed in the area recently may be more easily explained, however, Several residents have noticed tanks and other military craft being shipped on Union Pacific trains through Cheyenne.

UP spokesman Mark Davis says the vehicles are being shipped to various parts of the country for military exercises. Davis says the shipments are an annual event that has been going on for years.

Davis says he can't get into specifics, such as which branch of the military is involved or where they are headed, but says the shipments are common this time of year.

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