This week, Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray will address the Wyoming Association of County Officers in Laramie, regarding the importance of promoting voter registration.

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and marked the beginning of the Wyoming Association of County Officers annual meeting.  In remarks made today, Secretary Murray addressed the role of county officers in elections.

“Elections in Wyoming wouldn’t happen without the hard work of county clerks,” said Murray.  “The clerks are always talking about elections and I look forward to joining that discussion. If I can help elevate that conversation, then I am going to try. This week, coinciding with National Voter Registration Day, is the perfect time to start.”

Although the number of citizens registered to vote in Wyoming grew by more than 14,000 in 2014, this year has seen a decline of approximately 71,000 registered voters from January to September.

“Just after the 2008 presidential election, there were 282,391 registered voters in Wyoming. Today there are far fewer. As of September 1st only 197,664 citizens of this state’s some 450,000 persons of voting age are registered.  This trend worries me, and it should worry everyone,” said Murray.  “Qualified voters can register at their county clerk’s office, or mail their notarized registration form to the county clerk at any time. Wyoming citizens don’t have to wait until 2016 to register – some Wyoming cities are holding elections this fall and next spring.”

National Voter Registration Month is part of a nonpartisan effort to increase voter awareness of deadlines for voting, as well as state registration requirements and procedures.

“Citizen participation in state governance does not start and finish on Election Day. Voter registration efforts are all about bringing new voices into the conversation on where we are headed as a state,” said Murray.