A segment of a Forest Road near Lake Owen has been closed after a landowner informed the U.S. Forest Service that public access will no longer be allowed on the private property.

The closure affects a segment of Forest Road 517 from the eastern Forest boundary to the junction with the 540 Road.

Public access is no longer permitted on a stretch of private land which connects the 517 Road at the Forest boundary and Fox Creek Road, also known as County Road 47.

The private landowner informed the Forest Service this spring that they will no longer be providing public access to and from the Forest through their property.

All signage referring to the option of that route to Lake Owen is being changed and a barricade will be placed at the junction of the 517 and 540 roads so that traffic cannot try to exit the Forest down the recently closed stretch.

No turnaround currently exists at the Forest boundary for east-bound traffic from the Lake Owen area. The emergency closure is in place to prevent traffic problems and accidents from occurring due to the lack of turnaround on this narrow, steep section of road. The emergency closure is a temporary measure until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

Access to Lake Owen Campground and Day-Use Area is still available via the town of Albany, the 500 Road and the 513 Road, or through Fox Park and the southern portion of the 517 Road.

Snow drifts still exist on portions of the afore-mentioned roads and the area may still be inaccessible due to road conditions. However, it is anticipated that conditions could change quickly heading into the holiday weekend.

For more information, contact the Laramie Ranger District at 307-745-2300 or stop by 2468 Jackson St. in Laramie from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.