The Albany County Library Offers a "Seed Exchange" to Encourage Gardeners to Share Their Seeds

LARAMIE -- Our local libraries are loaded with what one could say are seeds of knowledge, in the form of books.

But the Albany County Public Library right here in Laramie offers REAL seeds, too, at its High Plains Seed Library.

The concept of the High Plains Seed library is simple -- it's a free, seed-lending program that encourages budding gardeners to "borrow" and plant the seeds.

Patrons just check out a packet of seeds in the spring, then commit to saving some of their seeds and giving them back to the seed library for next year’s gardening season.

A major benefit is that seeds harvested here are typically better suited for Wyoming’s climate, resulting in healthier, more productive plants, whether they are vegetables, herbs or flowers.

The mission of the seed library is to provide the community with seed resources, promote sustainability, and cultivate a culture of sharing.

The High Plains Seed Library is located at the Albany County Public Library, 310 S 8th St. in Laramie. For more information, stop in the library, visit the web site at, visit the Facebook Page, or call 307-721-2580.

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