Plans to construct 230 new homes in the hills immediately east of the existing Saddle Ridge subdivision have some local residents up in arms.

During a public hearing at Monday's city council meeting, residents voiced concerns about potential flooding and overpopulation.

"You build city streets, city sidewalks, roofs, we're going to have a flooding issue," said Donn Edmunds, who has lived at 7309 East Pershing since 1957. "I am right in the path of where that water will come down."

Edmunds says he's not opposed to the annexation, but would like to see the developer forgo putting a row of houses on the north side of Pershing and construct a series of detention ponds to hold potential water runoff.

"You put all these flat surfaces out there it's not going to be able to absorb the water, that's a known fact," said Edmunds. "Water does not absorb into concrete, asphalt, metal or roofing shingles, it just doesn't."

John Edwards of Edwards Development says a certified drainage study was done on the whole area.

"The very first thing that we do in any of our design work is drainage," said Edwards. "We do have carefully designed detention ponds just north of Pershing and there's a significant drainage swell that separates Pershing from the first set of houses and then the school."

Sean Larson, who purchased a townhome in Saddle Ridge a year ago, questioned what the new addition would do to property values.

"I don't feel there needs to be another huge community added out there, when there's already that many homes," said Larson. "I'm not completely sure what it would do to the real estate values, but I just have a big concern about these additions."

"As Saddle Ridge exists today, it is 156 dwelling units less than the original 2007 plat," said Edwards.

Nancy Norman, who lives on Gunsmoke, expressed concerns about overcrowding at Saddle Ridge Elementary.

"There's a lot of families that move there that think their kids are going to be in that school and they're not, it's too full," said Norman.

Edwards says there's a new school site planned to take some relief off the existing elementary and also Meadowlark Elementary School, which is projected to open in August of 2016.

"There's not a definitive date for construction of the school, but the district has had direct input on the size and location of their site," said Edwards. "It's roughly 10 acres."

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