In a meeting that lasted just under seven minutes, the UW Trustees unanimously voted in favor of electing Dr. Robert J. Sternberg as the University of Wyoming's 24th President during a roll call vote on February 26th.

Dr. Sternberg is currently serving as Provost at Oklahoma State University, where he is also a professor of Psychology.  According to he OSU website,  Dr. Sternberg received a B.A. summa cum laude at Yale University in 1972 and his PhD in psychology at Standford University in 1975.

According to Dr. Sternberg's page at the OSU website, his main areas of research are in intelligence, creativity, wisdom, leadership, thinking styles, love and hate. "My current research is on teaching for WICS (wisdom-intelligence-creativity synthesized) and on using the WICS model in admissions."

Dr. Sternberg has is also listed as receiving several honorary doctorates as well as a large number of scholarly prizes and awards.

Outgoing University of Wyoming President Dr. Tom Buchanan announced last year that he will be stepping down from the office this summer.

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