The Laramie City Council will convene in a special meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30, for a hearing to award the new retail liquor license.

Arsenio Lemus Holding, LLC; Shocktoberfest Productions, LLC; Hero Primo, LLC; Chalk N’ Cheese, LLC; High Elevations Investments, LLC; and Big D Oil Company have all applied for the 27th retail liquor license.

Tonight’s special meeting will include six public hearings–one for each applicant–followed by a session in which the Laramie City Council will vote each application up or down.  The meeting is scheduled to run through 10 p.m.

“The anticipation is that it will be done by nine-thirty,” says City Attorney Jason Loos.

The list of applicants includes the names of businesses that have been a part of Laramie for several years as well as ventures that have yet to be established.

“When you look at variety, you look at the size, you look at the amount of people that can be entertained, we just feel we’re the right choice,” says Shocktoberfest owner Jason Palumbo.

“Antiques, a little bit of kitchen, and cheese doesn’t seem like it goes together until you step into the store and see that it really does,” says Chalk N’ Cheese Co-Owner Cyndi Martin.  “It goes fabulously together.  Now we just want to take it to the next level.”

Hero Primo, LLC owner Ryan Kiser says that he thinks his business provides a unique opportunity for the social scene in Laramie.

“At the point that we got the license, we would have to transition into a place for adults most of the time, but we still want to provide services to some of the younger population,” says Kiser.  “Even at this point, the majority of our customers coming in are adults, but we’re looking at setting up at least one day a week where all ages can come in.”

The City Council will review and rate all applications tonight before deciding which business will get the new–and last–retail liquor license.

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