Wyoming Rep. Scott Clem [R-Campbell County] says Wyoming's economy needs to be re-opened as soon as possible to prevent the shutdown imposed because of the coronavirus from being worse than the virus itself.

He also says there is nothing in either the Wyoming or U.S. Constitution that allows the government to shut down businesses and order people not to go to work.

Clem, appearing on the ''Weekend In Wyoming'' program on AM 650 KGAB radio, said he doesn't want to minimize the danger posed by the coronavirus, adding that whatever may happen, people need to practice social distancing, wash their hands frequently and stay at home as much as possible. But he also said people ''need to be able to work so that we don't create more harm than good."

In terms of keeping the virus in check, Clem said ''What makes going to the hairdresser more dangerous than going to the grocery store?' Clem said unemployment carries it's own health risks, including a higher suicide rate, among other factors.

Clem also said a second wave of the coronavirus is highly likely, and questions whether shutting down the economy for another 4-8 weeks will be the best way to handle that when it comes.

He argues that doing so will plunge the economy into a deep depression if it isn't there already.

In any case, the Republican lawmaker argued that ''the horse is out of the barn" when it comes to stopping the virus and shutting down the economy for long periods will not change that.

You can hear the entire interview with Scott Clem in the video above.

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