Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says she is backing Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Rep. Lummis, who recently announced she won't be running for another term in the U.S. House in 2016, says Senator Paul has promised to return some of the power to congress that she believes has been wrongfully assumed by the office of the President over the years.

She also says Senator Paul if elected President would ''return to the constitutional framework" originally intended for the country by the founding fathers. The Wyoming Republican says that would include allowing states to ''assume their rightful role" under the tenth amendment to the U.S. constitution.

Rand Paul is currently getting support from only about 2% to 3% or respondents  in most national Republican presidential polls, far behind front runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Paul received zero percent support in at least one recent poll.

Rep. Lummis was an early supporter of eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney in 2012.

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