SAN JOSE, Calif., -- Wyoming finally scored a touchdown.

Three of them, in fact.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, San Jose State matched that and added six more points off two Levi Williams' interceptions. The redshirt freshman quarterback took the blame for the 27-21 loss, the fourth straight for a Wyoming team that was supposed to be in the thick of a division title race at this time.

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This wasn't all on Williams. Just like the first three losses weren't all on Sean Chambers, the guy he replaced under center.

There was plenty to gripe about after this one. Just like the last three losses before it, mistakes, miscues and head-scratching blunders took center stage.

Here's what Wyoming fans online thought about the setback:



John Rando Facebook: Holy crap a play for more than 10 yards and a TD... haven't seen that in a few weeks...

Lee Christensen Facebook: until next year. see ya. Coaches aren't earning what they get paid. I love fall and can find better things to do

Dustin Merritt Facebook: Transfer portal have any offensive players? I'm being serious.

Darren Thompson Facebook: I was hoping I didn't have to break out the whiskey this early, but....

Rob Lubnau Facebook: Nick Rolovich needs a job!

Hoss J. Peterson Facebook: I had a choice between watching this game and giving my Mother-in-law a pedicure. She likes her new "Petunia Pink" toenails.

Marianne Scotty Cochran Facebook: Now that was the perfect pass to Neyor for the Touchdown! Damn, I had to pinch myself!

Kristin McLean Facebook: A TD…….it’s a Halloween miracle!

Kelly Souther Facebook: We scored some points, might as well get on the plane and come home






Scott Sumner Facebook: When was the last game we played where a final drive could win us the game?

James T. Anest Facebook: the strength staff has negatively affected the team. Definite OL soft! A transformation that occured so swiftly after Rolovich raided three of our coaches

Kade Reid Nicholls Facebook: We struggle at the most important position. It’s that simple

Dustin Merritt Facebook: Remember on fan forums when idiotic Wyoming fans were wanting to kick San Jose State out of the conference? Now they are rubbing our faces in it. Good times. The other team they wanted to kick out. Hawaii. So now we get to live that nightmare still too.

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