We asked you to share your tales of random acts of kindness. Whether it’s something you have done for a stranger or something someone has done for you, we wanted to hear about those times of giving.

We took all the submissions and put them in this post so you can read about all those great gifts in life.

Sometimes it’s important to remember to pay it forward. It’s the little things that can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Thanks to all those who shared!

  • I paid off a lay-away at WalMart for kids' toys. WalMart even has a special cash register key for this purpose - your receipt thanks you for making the gift anonymously. Walmart then calls the person with the lay-away and tells them it's been paid in full. It really felt worth doing, when there's such a good system in place for doing it.
  • Many years ago I was in a car accident. A girl in the same pile-up was hurt and needed to get to the hospital. All of the ambulances were in use, so we put her in our car and drive her the 45 miles to the hospital. All this was is a simple gesture to make sure someone's daughter was taken care of.
  • Our retired neighbor walks our dog 5 days a week. What a blessing!
  • On a tough day when I was running late to work, I stopped at a local gas station to grab a cup of morning coffee. When my card was unexpectedly declined and I didn't have any cash, the cashier told me to just pay next time I came in.
  • Paid for a stranger's gas at a gas station!
  • Today I went to the drive thru at Starbucks and decided to pay for the next person's order. I sure hope it made them as happy as it made me.
  • Tonight I stopped and helped push a car out of the street that had broke down. Several people came to help too. We never got each other's names. We just all pulled together and got the car to a safe place. This was paying it forward from a time when my car broke down on a busy street in Greeley. I was alone and couldn't get the car to move and steer it across traffic to the side of the road by myself. Cars were zooming by and I was in a very bad situation. A woman walking by with her teenage daughter stopped and helped me push it to safety. I am forever grateful and stop whenever possible to help cars that need a push.
  • Recently we were at a local restaurant. A long-time friend came up to say hello. As my husband and I were ready to leave I reached for our bill I looked on the floor asked the waitress to assist in looking for it
    She explained the bill had been taken care of thank u my friend for ur generosity. I have paid it forward.
  • I once had a community church show up at my front door with a paper bag, full of fresh produce, a ten dollar Tim Horton's card (this is a beloved coffee shop in Canada) and a 25$ gift certificate to the local grocery store! Thanksgiving dinner that year was completely on a bunch of strangers with big hearts! They chose me only because I was a single mom, they didn't know if I needed or not, (I didn't) but it was so lovely anyway, and I've paid it forward many times).
  • One day in late October, I drove by a man with a sign that said, "Hungry. Please help." I was on my way to Qdoba for dinner. It was cold and it would be dark soon. I pulled up next to the man and told him I was going to Qdoba and would buy him whatever he wanted.
    He seemed almost confused and asked what I was getting for myself and what kind of things were on the menu. He decided on a chicken burrito.
    He was so excited when I pulled up to deliver the food. He looked like he hadn't had a good meal in days. He thanked me repeatedly and said he was going home to eat it. Then corrected himself and said, "Well, not home exactly." I smiled knowingly and told him to enjoy it.
    What he didn't know was that I had hidden a brownie that I bought for him at the bottom of the bag. I didn't tell him it was there.
    I hope that wherever he ended up stopping to eat his dinner that night that when he found the brownie he took it as the reminder of the good things in life that it was intended to be.