“I need a vacation.”

We have all heard someone say this phrase. For many, that time to get away is coming up. With favorable weather, no more school and longer days, travel dramatically increases throughout the summer months.

What do you do, though, to keep your home safe while you’re away on that much needed vacation?

Kyle Groose, Crime Prevention Officer with the Laramie Police Department, has some tips for those taking time away from home.

  • Ensure door and window locks are all working. Double check to make sure that everything is secured and able to be secured.
  • Make sure all your lighting is working. Well lit areas are a deterrent for those who may want to enter your home uninvited.
  • Ask your mail and newspaper to be put on hold, or ask someone to pick them up for you. When these things pile up, criminals may take notice that you are not home.
  • Don’t post vacation dates online or post photos of those locations while you’re away. This is an announcement that you are out of town.

For those in Laramie, the police department offers a Vacation House Watch Form which can be obtained from the Records Department at 420 Ivinson. The form is used to notify officers of when you will be gone, who is allowed on your property, and what vehicles should be there. The Police Department is then able to use this information to increase patrols in your area and make sure your home remains safe.

While not every town or city offers such services, Groose says many areas across the country are now offering extra patrols while people are away. Anyone interested in such a service can contact their local law enforcement agency to inquire.

Groose says that there are some basic safety measures people can take to keep themselves from being targeted by criminals while they are away. Groose recommends that tourists carry a small wallet that is not easily visible, not carry large amounts of cash, and put smaller bills on the outside. He says these things can help to prevent people from becoming a target. It is recommended that travelers research the area they intend to visit to find the best tips to keep themselves protected.

Additionally, Groose provides Security Surveys for those who request them. The survey will help to assess the security of the home, with Groose checking on things like locks, windows, lighting, security systems, landscaping, and other factors to keep your home safe.

Anyone in Laramie who would like a Security Survey of their home before they leave can contact Officer Groose at 307-721-3527.

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