Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has vowed to push back on a COVID-19 vaccine mandate ordered recently by President Biden.

Governor Gordon mentioned a possible special session of the legislature to resist the mandate, which would mandate that all companies with over 100 employees require workers to either submit weekly COVID test results or else be vaccinated against the virus. The mandate would impact roughly 80 million people across the country. The president says the mandate will save lives as the DELTA variant continues to surge across the country and claim lives.

The governor's office issued a release including the following comments:

''Governor Gordon also indicated the second part of this strategy involves initial discussions with legislative leadership regarding the potential for a very focused and limited special session of the Legislature. Should the need arise, a special session could occur as soon as October and would be solely devoted to a small number of bills aimed at addressing overreach with regard to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.''

Several legislators have also either called for a special session or mentioned it as a possibility. So what do you think?

Do you want a special session to counter the federal vaccine mandate?

Perhaps you actually support the mandate?

Or maybe you oppose it, but think it would be an exercise in futility that would not make a difference in the end, similar to state efforts to fight the introduction of wolves in Yellowstone years ago? Obviously, a special legislative session would cost the state some money at a time when Wyoming is not exactly flush with cash.

Or maybe you think lawsuits are a better tool than legislative sessions in this battle.

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