The drawing for the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt has been conducted, and some openings are available for the hunt.

Openings are available for the Springer youth hunt on October 18 and October 26. The hunt on October 18 has 73 permits available, and the hunt on October 26 has 87 permits available.    The permits will be issued first-come, first-served to qualifying youth at the Springer Check Station located south of Yoder. Game and Fish regulation defines youth as any person who has not turned 18 by Oct. 1, 2014. Adults are encouraged to accompany all youth hunters and are required to be with kids under 14.

It is important to remember that children still need all of the permits and stamps required of other hunters.

“If a child wants to come out and try to hunt one of those two dates, they would need a license, hunter safety card, pheasant stamp and a conservation stamp,” says Robin Kepple with the Wyoming Game and Fish.

Openings for hunters of all ages are available Oct. 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30. The permits are issued first-come, first-served at the Springer Check Station. On the other days of the hunt, “stand by” hunters of all ages are permitted on the area as other hunters check out. No more than 120 hunters are allowed on the area at a time. To see how many opening are available for each date, click here.

More information on the Springer hunt can be found in the current upland bird regulations. Hunters are reminded that the $12.50 pheasant special management permit is required for all ages for the hunt.

Springer hunters are reminded to obtain appropriate licenses and the pheasant management stamp prior to showing up at the check station. In previous years stamps and licenses were available at the check station, but stamps and license books are no longer being printed and will not be sold at the check station. Hunters can obtain game bird licenses and pheasant stamps online at or at Wyoming license agencies.